Tips for Parents on Teen Drivers

Parents are often nervous when they see their teen behind the wheel. Teens are often excited when they drive; therefore, their driving is very fast and they often don’t make good decisions. The highest numbers of accidents are because of aggressive driving and teens are victims most of the time. It is very obvious that parents would panic, especially to see their teen driving.  Here are a few tips for parents of teen drivers.

Tips for Parents on Teen Drivers:

Having a License is a Must

Parents should wait for the right time for their teen to get their learner’s permit and eventually their driver’s license. Do not allow your teen to drive without it. Reckless driving by teens has led to many accidents.

Select a Good College

Select a college for your teen that restricts teens from keeping cars on campus, especially during the first year of college. This reduces the risk of accidents.

No Teen Passengers

Even if laws in your state permit it, restrict your teenage driver from carrying any teenage passengers.  Perhaps your driver would be more distracted with passengers in the car, or would want to show off for his friends.  Until he gets more experience behind the wheel, it may be best for him to drive by himself or with family members only.

Restrict Driving at Night

It may not be as safe for your teen driver to be on the road at night. Though the traffic may be less congested, your teen may not go by the traffic rules or may not be used to how the road looks at night. Driving late at night is not safe, and many states have curfews in place for teen drivers. Parents should make things very clear with their teen on the rules.

Phones are a Big No

Phones are a big distraction when driving. Make sure that your teen is not speaking, texting, or eating while driving. Every year there are many teen accidents caused because of teens talking on the phone.

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