Coping Strategies for Children

Learning how to cope in various situations is a skill. As adults, we know how to cope because of our past experiences. When it comes to children, they need the guidance and support of parents and learn strategies of coping. Situations may be different but learning the basic strategies of coping will help a child go a long way.

Stick to Routines

A strict routine has to be followed at home like regular activities, meals and bedtimes. Parents should make sure that everyone sticks to a specific routine as this helps a child to get adjusted easily and be in control. Children should be in a familiar environment and in the company of people with whom they are comfortable.

Strengthen Relationships

A very basic need in a family is love and care for each other. Children are very sensitive and therefore parents should express their feelings by hugging their children. This makes a lot of difference. Physical bonding is very important, which is a good coping strategy. Anything that makes children feel better is needed.

Limiting Exposure to Television

Television makes a huge impact on a child’s behavior. There are many programs that may be very disturbing to adults, so when it comes to children it is even more disturbing. Children are not able to distinguish between what is true and what isn’t. Toddlers, babies and preschoolers should avoid watching programs intended for adults. As much as possible, parents should make sure that children are not exposed to such things.

Feelings and Behavior

Certain incidents, like a death or other tragic event, may disturb a child. These incidents may bring a drastic change in a child’s life. Feelings of anger or frustration are common emotions where a child is not able to express how he feels. Some children may not immediately react to something, whereas others may. However, parents should help a child recover from any trauma. They should also be able to withstand any kind of negative behavior, especially after such incidents.

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