Post Divorce Parenting Advice and Tips

Every year there are many couples who get a divorce. More than adults, divorce affects children. They fail to understand the cause of their parent’s separation. Some children blame themselves for the divorce. At this point of time, children go through a range of feelings. A feeling of anger and resentment towards the parent takes over. Below are a few post-divorce parenting tips and advices.

Post-Divorce Parenting Advice and Tips

Many children are able to take the news of the divorce, but their reaction depends on how the parent shares the news with the child and how they bring up the child afterwards. Once you and your partner decide to separate, be frank with your children and let them know the reason of your divorce. Children would definitely come up with a number of questions, so it’s for you to answer them honestly.

Breaking the News Together

Though both you and your partner may have decided to live separately, you both still have kids together. When it comes to breaking the news of your divorce to your kids, make sure you and your partner tell it together. This is to avoid your child to favor one parent for the other.

Avoid Speaking Negatively about Your Partner

Do not speak about your partner in his/her absence to your kids. This develops a negative feeling for the other partner or a feeling of hatred towards you.

Spending Time Together

After deciding on your divorce, make sure to spend quality time together with your children. This may not be always possible, but it would set a good example. It may also bring false hope in children that you and your partner have chances of coming back, but do clear the misconception with your kids.

Feeling of Guilt and Making up

Many parents feel guilty about the separation and in order to make up for it, they shower their children with goodies just to make their child feel better. Do not do this as children take advantage and would demand for a lot of things. Treating children sometimes is okay but not on this pretext.

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