Preventing Baby Feeding Problems

When bottle feeding a baby, there are several problems that can occur. However, with some basic knowledge, these problems can be averted.

Preventing Baby Feeding Problems:

Check that the nipple of the bottle is properly attached and that nipples are in good shape

Proper air flow is very important for the bottle to maintain its pressure. If the nipple ring is screwed on too tightly and then the baby begins sucking, the holes of the nipple will close tightly. The flow of air in the bottle then becomes difficult, if not impossible. This problem can be resolved by loosening up of the nipple ring.

If a baby has teeth, it is possible that the baby will bite on the nipple causing small punctures to be in the nipple. Check the nipples periodically for any holes. If any are found, throw it away and get a new one.

Make sure to stick to a regular feeding program

Some babies can develop a feeding pattern in which they drink a small amount at one single time but then needs frequent feedings. This is tiring to keep feeding the baby at frequent intervals so a possible help is that when the baby stops drinking the milk, leave the bottle in his mouth. After sometime he will automatically start sucking it again. Slowly and steadily they will develop a habit of sucking the entire milk in one sitting.

Learn to recognize hunger signals

One can easily recognize baby’s hunger with the reflexes he makes. These reflexes can be movements like flailing arms and legs, making sucking sounds, sucking on fingers, and the obvious reflex of crying and fussing. Do not get in the habit of feeding baby with every whimper. Instead, learn baby’s signals and feed only when baby is hungry. Otherwise, baby will take only a small amount and refuse the rest. This could create bad habits that are quite tiring for parents.

Recognize when baby is tired

When a baby is tired it is usually characterized by fussing, rubbing the eyes, and turning his head back and forth like its trying to get comfortable. This is a good time for baby to feed, especially if it is close to a normal feeding time, because feeding and tiredness are closely associated in babies. A tired baby will feed and then go off to sleep. This is a great time for parent-child bonding and once baby is asleep, a good time for parents to relax as well.

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