Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities

Many children have learning disabilities and it is often difficult for children as well as parents to cope. While most learning disabilities will not completely disappear, a parent’s love, encouragement, and influence are very important in helping a child significantly overcome his learning disability.

Tips to Help a Disabled Child:

Emphasize Healthy Habits

We very often relate learning to the brain and the body. If a child with a learning disability has healthy eating habits he/she will be able to focus better on other activities.


Parents should make sure kids eat healthy foods. A healthy diet consists of vegetables, proteins, fruits and grains. Teach kids how to fix their own healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sufficient Sleep-

Sufficient sleep is important for every child. It is suggested a young child needs ten to twelve hours of sleep per night.  Tired children have trouble focusing and can have behavioral problems. Keep a consistent routine and a good sleep schedule.

Regular Exercise-

Exercising regularly will help a child remain active and alert throughout the day. It is also a good way to relieve stress.

Taking Care of Education

Understand a child’s learning disability-

Parents should read about and understand their child’s disability. Know what causes the disability, what a parent can do about it and ways to help a child cope with it.

New treatments and services-

Learn more about effective ways to treat the disability, whether it be natural or medical. Be open to new ideas because what works well for one child may not work for another. Sometimes being creative in an approach can help more than a traditional approach.

Starting treatments at home-

Many schools may not have resources to help a child with a learning disability but parents can do the treatment at home. While this can be quite effective, parents need to realize that this can be draining on both parent and child. Finding an at-home therapist may be a great option. Check with the insurance company to see what may be covered.

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