Controlling Temper Tantrums in Children

There are many factors that can trigger temper tantrums in a child. A child may argue, hit, run, or whine when corrected by a parent or just not getting their way. Temper tantrums in a child are normal and a common way to express frustration, but if it goes out of control it can be upsetting and disrupting to parents and teachers. For parents, it can even become embarrassing when a child throws a temper tantrum in public.

Usually, when children are about one and a half years old, they start throwing temper tantrums. These tantrums sometimes last until a child is around four years old. Children during this stage tend to test parents’ patience. This is a time when parents should learn how to control a child.

Ways of Controlling Temper Tantrums

    • Wrong actions need correction. Decide on consequences for wrong actions. Once a child understands what the consequences are and parents are consistent with those consequences, temper tantrums are less likely to happen.
    • Sometimes asking if a child wants to do an activity will prevent a tantrum from occurring. An example would be “Would you like to eat your snack or wait for later?” Always giving a child an option however, is not realistic as, home, school and childcare facilities have rules to follow and timeframes to work in.
    • It is okay to give a choice to a child occasionally when the decision really does not matter in scheme of things. This will help a child not be stubborn. Ask something like ”Would you like to paint first or arrange your toys?”
    • When a child is throwing temper tantrums, try to distract the child by saying, ”Would you like to watch a cartoon together?”
    • A change in the environment, like taking the child for a walk would also distract a child’s temper tantrum..
    • Teach a child how to request an item without throwing a temper tantrum. Let the child know that the item would be given to him/her if asked nicely.
    • Offer an alternative. One could say ”Dinner is almost done, here’s a snack for now.”

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