Telling a Child about Birth Parents

There are many experts who believe that children should be told about their birth parents. A parent who has adopted a child should tell the child about the adoption when a child starts growing. There are a few ways to tell a child about his/her birth parent.

When should you tell the child?

Experts believe that a parent should tell a child gradually about his/her adoption. Parents should know when the right time is to discuss such things. As parents gradually discuss details, a child will absorb and understand what you want him/her to know. Children will naturally ask questions and every child is different; so the questions will be different at different times. When they start asking questions, parents should be prepared to answer honestly.

After a child has been in the house for a long period of time, it will be much easier to gauge the right time to tell the child. Birthdays can be one such occasion where a child may want to know about his/her birth parent. Try and have an open conversation with your child.

How to tell the child about birth parents?

It is very important to have open communication in a family environment that is warm and calm. Keep the conversation light and get complete attention. These are life changing conversations for some kids.

Other Important Tips:

    • Be as comfortable as possible when telling about the birth parents. This can be a nervous conversation, but it is good for the growth of the family.
    • When talking about the birth parents, don’t criticize the birth parents.
    • Be prepared for any type of criticisms from the child, as he may be confused about his feelings.
    • Try and answer as honestly as possible. If the answer is unknown, perhaps it will be possible to find out the answer – depending on the nature of the question.
    • Clear any misconception there may be about the birth parents. (If the child believes something that is not true)

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