Ways to Talk To Your Child

The manner in which communication takes place with a child has a great impact on his or her upbringing. Talking to them in an appropriate manner will teach them appropriate responses and learn to communicate in the same way.

Ways to talk to your Child:

    • The first and foremost way is to always address your child with his or her name. This will gather the child’s attention
    • Avoid using negative words like ”no” and “don’t” all the time. Be positive while instructing and talking to your child. Negative words will fill the mind and a child can develop a negative behavior. Whereas, positive words will give confidence and make your child happy as well.
    • Make sure to keep eye contact while talking to your child. This will help in properly generating their attention and also help them to better understand what you are trying to explain to them. This will also help you not to have to repeat instructions twice.
    • Do not talk too loudly. A loud voice can irritate a child and they might ignore instructions. It is best to be face to face with the child instead of yelling across the house.
    • It is advisable not to order children around all the time. Rather, provide them with options or suggestions and ask them to make a selection. This will help in keeping them happy and they will also perform their task in a better way.
    • Keep your sentences short and simple. This will help a child understand more easily and execute them more properly as well.

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