How To Build Child’s self Esteem?

The development of self esteem in a child is a difficult task, but it is the responsibility of the parent to develop the feeling of self-worth in the child. This will help the child in setting out to try new things which will ultimately help in developing a future of their own.

Tips to Build Child’s Self Esteem:

Some of the tips which can be followed in developing the child’s self esteem are:

    • Develop a sense of connectivity with the child. Frequent physical touch and lots of loving words from parents help in developing this connectivity.
    • Make sure to create activities and opportunities in the house which will help a child realize that he or she is an important and functional member of the family.
    • Teach good conversational and social skills through direct teaching, guided practice, and just talking to them. These will help build positive interactions with others.
    • Tell stories about the family, its heritage, and ancestors’ nationality in a positive manner.
    • Encourage and develop a feeling of uniqueness in children. Children need to have a feeling that they have some special talent or quality about them.
    • Give a child the opportunity to express himself in his own way. Respect his or her feelings and thoughts. This will help him learn respect for others as well.
    • Give much encouragement to the curiosity, imagination and creativity of a child. Give motivation for a child to satisfy their curiosity with learning and enjoy that learning process as well.

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  1. I have difficulty in dealing with my child. At school, he is beats his classmates. He does not listen to the teacher and takes lots of punishment, does not obey the rules ex. going in the line while going to PT or toilet, plays lot of mischief in the class. His teacher always complains about him, i really dont understand how to make him understand. How much ever i tell him it is only for a few minutes. He forgets it and will be the same again. If i punish also it will be for a few minutes and he will forget it. If guests come at home he is worse. He does not behave at all. Please guide me how to deal with him plz.

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