Tips for Feeding Baby Solids

You can start giving your baby solid food after the age of 4 months. In the beginning you can provide your child with iron fortified rice cereal. Later you can add mashed vegetables and fruits. But the introduction must be gradual and in small quantities, depending upon how your baby digests the new foodstuffs. In this article we will discuss some of guidelines on how to feed your baby with solid foods.

Tips To Start Your Baby on Solid Food:

Some of the tips which you can follow to feed your baby with solid food are:

  • Usually you can start feeding your baby with solid food around the age of 4-6 months. Some babies are hungrier than others and will want to start around 4 months, others will be happy on a diet of breast or formula milk up to the age of six months. Baby will need to be ready to try eating from a spoon before you start feeding him or her solids.
  • In the beginning introduce some iron fortified rice cereal. It should be the main solid meal for baby for the first few months.
  • Try to find out what is the best time of day for feeding your child with solid food. You will want to fit it into the breast or bottle schedule. Lunchtime is often recommended as the best time to start introducing solids.
  • Sometimes the intake of solid food can result in food allergies. For this reason it is advisable to wait for a while after introducing something new into your baby’s diet in order to see whether there is any adverse reaction to the new foodstuff.
  • Whenever you do start feeding your baby with solids, start off with tiny quantities, only about a teaspoonful and then slowly and gradually increase the amount.
  • You can begin the solid diet of your baby with rice and then slowly introduce new cereals like oatmeal and barley, but also strained vegetables, cooked fruits and, over time, meats and eggs.

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