Parenting Advices and Tips for Twins

Raising one child is quite a challenge, so you can imagine that if you have twins it becomes even harder. You have to be extra careful when raising your twin kids. You will need some good parenting advice and tips for twins to achieve that. Here are just a few of the basic tips for raising twins.

  • First of all, you must always consider them as two distinct people. Never refer to them as one.
  • You should give them names which do not resemble each other.
  • Let them have their own clothes, not shared clothes. Also, try to avoid dressing them in the same clothes at the same time. If they do have matching outfits, try to have them wear these similar clothes at different times.
  • Separate the clothes and store their individual things in different closets. In this way, they will be able to recognize their own belongings when they start to choose their own clothes.
  • Buy them their own toys separately.
  • Always call them by their individual names. Never use the term “twins” to call your kids.
  • Get them two different cakes on their birthday. Also, give them separate gifts. Remember to sing the  birthday song twice.
  • If you need someone to look after your kids when you are not there, try to arrange it so that two different people take care of them. In this way, they will get some experience of living apart.
  • Take them for shopping or on outings individually and not always together.
  • You do not need to treat them exactly the same way all the time. If you are angry with one of them, it does not mean that you have to be angry with the other one as well.
  • Preparing two different souvenir albums is a perfect gift for them.

These are just a few  tips and advice about parenting twins and the most important thing is to make them feel important individually.

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