Food for Babies

For newborn babies breast milk is the most recommended form of nutrition and babies should be fed exclusively on breast milk for about the first 6 months. In this article we will discuss some of the facts about breast milk to show just what makes it the perfect food for young babies.

Importance of Breast Milk:

The breast milk contains a lot of natural ingredients in them. Some of them are:

  • Presence of Fat in Good Quantity:

    Fat is the biggest source of calories in breast milk. What happens is that breast milk has an enzyme called lipase which helps in the breakdown of fat content into small globules. This enables the baby to digest the fat content more easily. The rich fat content of breast milk helps baby to gain weight quickly and is not at all bad for them.

  • Breast Milk Is Rich in Protein Content:

    Breast milk is also an excellent source of protein. Breast milk contains lactalbumin which can be digested far more easily than the casein which is present in cow’s milk.

  • Breast Milk Is Rich Source of Vitamins:

    Breast milk is a rich source of all the vitamins which baby requires for growth in the first weeks of life. Providing baby with sufficient quantities of breast milk will give baby all the vitamins necessary for healthy development.

  • Breast Milk Is the Rich Source of Carbohydrates:

    It has been seen that breast milk is capable of providing 50% of the total carbs required by the infant body. Lactose is the basic carbohydrate which is present in breast milk and the rest of the other ingredients help in protecting the digestive tract of the baby so that bacteria cannot thrive there.

  • Breast Milk Is Rich in Minerals:

    Although breast milk is not a good source of iron, the amount of iron present in the baby’s body combines with the vitamin C and lactose of the breast milk to assist in easy digestion of the iron content. The combination ratio of calcium and phosphorous is 2:1 in breast milk and this makes it very beneficial for healthy bones in babies.

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