Parenting Advices for Toddlers

Toddler discipline can be a very hard job for parents as young children tend to be unruly and unwilling to listen. As parents, you have to set some limits at home and create an atmosphere that helps your young child to stay within these limits.

If you want to handle your young child in a better way, the first thing that you should do is get to know him or her. You should build up a good relationship between you and your kid. Once you have their trust, they will be more willing to listen to you.

Some Tips about Discipline for Toddlers:

  • One good idea is to have a “time out”. You can arrange the length of time, say 2 minutes when the child who has been naughty has to sit or stand in a particular place. Toddlers are generally very good at staying where they are put for any longer. After the time out is over, you can talk to your kid about the mistake that they made in a simple way. If they make the same mistake again, they need to go back to the “time out” corner or seat again. For toddlers discipline has to be immediate, not after an hour.
  • Tantrums can be hard to deal with in toddlers and can take their toll on parents. If you are not calm yourself, you should simply wait until you have cooled down. Tantrums are dramatic and emotional in general. You can learn to control them with a little bit of practice and a clear head.
  • You should also be careful about how you speak to your child. Remember to be polite and say things like “Could you bring me the phone, please?” instead of simply “Bring me the phone.”
  • You should set limits very carefully because most of the discipline related to your child will depend on the limits you set. Boundaries are important for your child’s protection and safety. For example, your child wants to play on the balcony and doesn’t want your company. You need to make your child see that this is not a place where they can stay alone and that is no other way around it. You have to strike a balance between freedom and limits for your child.
  • You should focus on positive reinforcement. Some research shows that positive reinforcement has a much better effect than punishment. When you say “Don’t do that!” or “Don’t touch that” without explaining why, the result is not very effective. You should give your children positive feedback. You do not need to yell. You can get  the message across with the right tone instead.

For the parents of toddlers, there are many different books available to guide you when raising your kid. There is no magical formula or one single way to raise a toddler. But with the right parenting advice for toddlers, you can make it  easier. Remember, if you say “No” to your child to stop him/her from doing something and you let them do it on another occasion, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Once you say no, it has to stay no.

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