Effective Parenting Techniques / Tips and Advice

We all have many responsibilities in life. When we become parents it means shouldering even more responsibility. Raising children is not as easy as some parents make it look. You need to be really careful. Remember, you are the ones who are preparing your children to face real life out there one day and to do that you should get to know some effective parenting techniques.

  • When it comes to parenting, consistency plays an important role. You need to talk to your child and teach them the facts about life. As an adult you also have to act accordingly. Once you say something, you need to stick to it . You need to show them that what you said is true.
  • When you make rules, you need to follow them yourself. Show your child that the rules have to be followed. Remember, parents are idols for their child. If you do something wrong, they will do the same without knowing that it is wrong. This is because they think that whatever you do is right. So, you need to behave in the right way when you are with your children.
  • Sometimes your kids may try to confuse you, so you need to be prepared for this. They will do their best to make you let them do something that they are not usually allowed to do. If you fail this test, they will               remember and try to catch you out again and again. So, you also need how to handle the situation  when you fail.
  • Your children may well try to exploit a moment of weakness on your part. They will be waiting for the time that you do something that you have told them is wrong. Then they could feel entitled to ask you to break the rules for them.
  • You need to learn how to control yourself and stop yourself from breaking your own rules. Sometimes you need to be tough, too and continue to say “no” no matter how much your child cries.
  • There may be times when you will have to change the rules. When this happens explain to your child  why you had to do it. You can tell them that you changed the rules just because of the changing conditions.

Remember, life is like a marathon. If you want to finish this race and win a prize, you need to follow the rules not to be disqualified. Since you are the one who preparing your children for their own marathon, if you want them to be successful then you need to help them learn the rules as well.


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