Parental Responsibilities

If you have children, we can easily say that you have a really hard job to do. Leading children is as hard as leading a country. They are not good with any rules. They are only happy when their needs are supplied. If the parents are not good at that, it could have a negative effect on the child. If you are parent, then you need to follow some rules to deal with your parental responsibilities.

  • The first thing that you should do is provide a safe environment for them to grow up in. This includes taking care of developing their identity, teaching social values and respect, and educating them.
  • Parents are not only responsible to love, feed, and dress them, but they are also responsible to discipline them, to teach them wrong and right, and to prepare them for real life. You need to set some boundaries. When they make a mistake, raise your voice without crossing the line. It might break your heart. But, once you tell them what is right and see the person who they have grown up to be in later years, you will be proud of the result.
  • Parenting responsibility is not only just for the mother or just for the father. As a couple and the parents of the child, you have to share this duty.
  • Being parent gives you the right to make good decisions for your child.

In many regions, parental responsibility is for both mother and father if they are still a couple. If they are divorced, parental responsibility is often on the shoulder of the mother.

How about the things that you should not do? Let’s check it out.

  • You should stay away from buying them expensive clothes and shoes.
  • Do not clean their room and pick up their stuff (if they are old enough to do that).
  • Do not get them a phone, computer, or game system.
  • Avoid defending them every time they make a mistake.
  • Do not provide them with unhealthy foods, like chips, soda, or any kind of junk food.
  • Don’t replace every little item that they lose.


If you want to raise a child, it is easy. But, if you want to raise a child who knows the difference between wrong and right and realizes their responsibilities, it is not that easy. To prepare the children for the threats, first you should prepare yourself. In order to achieve it, you should realize your parental responsibilities.

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