Comparing Different Parenting Styles: Authoritarian, Permissive, and Authoritative

There are no hard and fast rules about the way you should discipline your child. Some parenting skills come to parents automatically. But the level of the effectiveness can change from parents to parents.

So many books, classes, and programs about parenting are available now. There are so many different styles of parenting, such as permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative.

Authoritarian parenting style

This is known as the hard way of parenting. According to the theory, parents are right all the time and about all topics. They have a right to do whatever they want with their children. They are the ones who can make any decision about their children and their life.

Permissive parenting style

This is certainly the opposite of the authoritarian style. In this style, the control is in the children’s hands. There is no rule or direction to follow. The children are allowed to do whatever they want.

Let’s consider the authoritarian style as cold water, the permissive style as hot water, and the authoritative way as tepid. Tepid is the one which includes the cold and hot water together.

Why Is Tepid Water Better Than Cold or Hot Water?

This style of parenting requires mutual understanding and communication from both parents and children. In this style, there are some rules and directions to follow, especially for the children. But parents do not need to speak all the time. Sometimes, they have to let their children speak and then listen to them. If you tell them that they are wrong, you need to show the right way and convince them.

If you need to punish them for some reason, let them know what it is. This type of parenting keeps all the members of the family together. In this way, you and your child are able to handle the internal or external problems together. Remember, unity gives strength.

There is no written book that says you are always right. There are some times when you make a mistake or you are wrong. In such cases, say you are sorry.

When you guide your children, they would learn to be dependent in the boundaries.

The rules and directions have to be changeable. Since your child faces new things as they grow up, you need to arrange the rules according to their age and the situation that they are in.

The best thing about this parenting style is mutual love and respect. When your child is an adult, they will be grateful for your good parenting.

We can say that the best style of parenting is authoritative parenting, according to the parent’s experience. Remember, being a family is not something that is one-sided. It is a mutual relationship.

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