Ten Great Parenting Tips for Step-moms

Being a step mom is a very difficult task. Trying to raise children as the third (or fourth) parent is quite difficult. You definitely have to put forth the effort to have the child accept you as an authority figure, and as a mother figure, without displacing the child’s biological mother.

Ten parenting tips for step-moms are discussed below:

1. Enjoy the time that you have with your stepchild:

If you want to have a good and healthy relationship with them, you need to have some quality time. Considering that quality relationships come from mutual interactions, get some private time with him. If you have common interests, engage in them. It could be playing sports, attending concerts or reading a favorite book and discussing it together.

2. Let your partner actively care for the child:

It’s not necessary for you to get involved in every situation. Sometimes, it’s more important to support your partner as he deals with the child’s biological mother on the issue. There might be some topics or problems that they want to handle on they own.

3. Let your partner discipline the child:

Let your partner and the child’s mother lead the discipline. Be sure to follow their wishes and discipline the child according to their plan.

4. Create house rules:

If you want to create healthy communication in the family, you and your partner have to arrange some rules that every member of the family has to follow. Let them know that there is a punishment when they do something wrong, and shower them with praise when they do something right.

5. Designate time with your partner:

Being in a blended family can be difficult in a marriage. Be sure to have some alone time, away from the kids, with your partner.

6. Show respect to your stepchildren:

Respect the child’s feelings; he is going through a difficult transition in his young life. Show respect and you will gain it as well.

7. Show good behavior:

As a step mom, model good behaviors. As long as you make the child feel that you are comfortable with being in a step family, they will start to feel the same.

8. Don’t consider it as personal:

Step children think that they do not need the third parents since they already have two. They feel that their mother would be sad if they get closer to you. Don’t take it personally; this is a normal response and something the child needs to work through.

9. Introduce your own holiday traditions:

If you have your own holiday traditions, share them with your blended family. It will bring you closer to the children to have something special that you share during the holidays.

10. Be in charge of your own happiness:

Focus what you want and what you need and take action.

As a stepmother, you need consider yourself, your partner and your stepchild. You might feel that you have a lot on your plate. But, with the right attitude, you can handle the challenges and rewards of being a stepparent.

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