Respite Grants for Children with Special Needs

Respite care provides a chance for your family to take a break from the daily and responsibility of parenting a child with special needs. While parenting is hard in itself, parenting a child with special needs is particularly challenging. Respite grants allow parents to receive help in caring for their child. According to a report published by the University of Portland, respite care is an important assistance to the family and child.

Unfortunately, respite care is quite expensive. Below are some examples of outside assistance that can help you pay for these important services.

Government Grants

The federal government provides funding for the child with special needs.

State Grants

A variety of resources provides levels of funding at a local level.  Community foundations, which are located in local or regional zones, are able to provide funding in the area.

For example, the state of Alabama provides funding by the Alabama Department of Public Health, Alabama Medicaid Agency. And, non-governmental sources also provide funding for some specific types of disabilities.

Private Grants

There are some programs that help you to find respite care and funding. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides clinical reports that mention the needs of children who has disability for families and for the children themselves as well. By this report local pediatricians are able to find funding for the family.

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  1. I need to help find a grant for the Denver area pertaining to respite care for students with disabilities. Can you suggest any sources?

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