Advice for Parents Preparing to Bring Home Their Adopted Child

There was so much planning, waiting, money, frustrations, and paperwork which went into your dream, the child you have always wanted. Then that moment comes. That moment you worked so hard for and also weren’t always sure would ever happen. You are told that you can come and pick up your child to bring him home for the very first time!!  Are you ready for when that happens?

One thing adoptive parents learn is to not get their hopes up too much, or prepare too much, since some adoptions can fall through. The biological parents may change their mind. Probably parents who do adopt are some of the most patient and cautious people around.  Although you don’t want to overdue it, there are some things you can start doing now to prepare your home and how you will handle those first days and weeks bonding with your new child.

  • Stock up on medicines and first aid ointments, first aid supplies, and dry goods.
  • Check that your house is child safe. Put all cleaners and toxins up high in a locked cabinet. Spring for a bag of outlet covers. Make sure all electrical cords are not in reach.
  • Be prepared to keep your new child close to you. Consider putting a futon or cot in your new child’s room. Your new child may very well feel insecure about sleeping alone in a new home and find comfort if someone is close by. If you are adopting an infant or toddler, consider purchasing a front or back pack carrier to be able to carry your new baby close to you. Your baby will be comforted by the closeness and become used to your scent. He will realize that you are now his caretaker, and will bond with you.
  • Take a special vacation with your spouse to rejuvenate and take it easy together. You will have an exciting adventure of a very different kind when you pick up your newly adopted child.
  • Put off that big party! Your child may be frightened by a large party no matter how wonderful the intentions are and how much you want to celebrate with family and friends, keep it very low key. It is important for you to have some quiet family bonding time. Encourage friends and family who want to express their love to help with laundry, shopping trips, and bring meals those first few days. It is an exciting, joyful time, but also exhausting as you will use a lot of physical and emotional energy to reach out to your new little miracle!

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