The Consequences of Bad Parenting

The consequence of bad parenting will have a major impact on a child.

Signs of bad parenting include:

  • Abusing the child
  • Ignoring the child
  • Putting up a fight all the time with children or partner

The consequences can follow a child from the beginning of the child’s schooling through adulthood. Below are some of the potential consequences:

Bad Consequences in Preschool

Children who grow up with distant parents have issues as early as preschool.  They have so many problems with sharing toys, talking and playing with the other kids. Also, some researches show that these children start their preschool with an underdeveloped brain may have  problems with their social life in later years.

Falling Behind

These children have so many problems with schoolmates. They have difficulties in talking and communicating with other students and teachers. And, they always feel sidelined. This may result in your child falling behind in school.

Being Capable of Crime

Children who come from a family that sets bad examples may be more likely to commit crimes.

Being Addicted

Many adults blame their addictions on being raised in a home with inattentive parents. Drug and alcohol addiction has lifelong consequences.



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