A New Trend: Parenting Coaching

There is not a lot of transition time when the baby comes. You can set up the nursery, read and take classes about baby and child care. You can run around and get the latest soothing cradle, swing, and saucer. But nothing can totally prepare you for that very first day when you see your baby’s face for the first time and all of the emotions you have and fears come to the surface. Being a new parent can be exhilarating and also overwhelming. It is like discovering a new land, not unlike Columbus, an unknown territory. When you explore the unknown it is comforting to seek a guide. Some rely on friends or relatives who they trust and know are good parents. Though in this day and age, one of the hottest trends is hiring a professional parent coach.

Who are Parent Coaches?

Parent Coaches are professionals who assist the parents with age developmentally appropriate activities and ideas. The parents can consult with them about their child’s behavior, health, and stages of growth. Parent Coaches have varied backgrounds some are certified by specific training institutes (listed below). Other parent coaches are trained by their own personal life experiences as parents and educators. Here are a couple of places which offer training programs for those who are interested in pursuing it as a career.

Who Could Benefit from Parent Coaching?

Any parent which could use a reinforcing, encouraging person who can help show them what to expect during the different stages of their child’s development. The Parent Coach will also be able to show them creative, educational, and fun activities which they can do together with their child. For a new parent who is yearning for someone to guide them in this brand new world they have entered, a parent coach may be just what he/she needs to give him/her the confidence to be the best parent that he/she can be!

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