To-Do List for Parents

The work of a parent is long term, there are no breaks, but it is one of the most valuable and rewarding jobs that one can undertake. Most parents’ to-do lists are incredibly long any given day, but if one could boil down that list to the things the parent needs to do every day, it would include:

  • If you are a parent, the first thing that you should do is to take care of your children in general, and meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The physical is usually a no-brainer. They need clothes, food, shelter. Emotionally they will need much  self-less love, and they will need moral and/or religious guidance. Day in and day out.
  • Your child needs your respect for his/her life force. Your children are young discoverers who look at the world in wonderment and awe. Even though we have a lot to teach them. They also have a lot to teach us. Listen and learn from your child. When your child has you look at a pretty stone or an interesting    beetle, it will also heighten your awareness of this wonderfully beautiful and mysterious world we live in!
  • Be patient with your child.
  • Tell your child that you love him/her at least once daily, and show that love.
  • Praise your child for every success no matter how small. Help your child realize how very special he/she  is.
  • Although many times we look to our child’s future, make sure you live in the moment. Enjoy every minute  with your child. Your child will grow up in a blink of an eye. We all have hopes and dreams, but live in the  moment. Today is precious!
  • Get out side with your child if the weather permits. Go to a park, take a walk, play in the yard, or do some gardening.
  • Help cultivate friendships. Get your child together with playmates. Not only will you witness your child’s                friendships grow, but you’ll find yourself also making friends with their parents. In this world, you can never have enough love or support in your life.

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  1. Unfortunately, I was forced to be the absent parent as my ex left me for another man over twenty years ago. Than took them to another state. Due to religion, there was now communication as she is Mormon and I am a Negro with a baptist/Christian up bringing. Now my children are grown and they have chosen to ignore that I am there father. In the last three years I have found them on Facebook and only they oldest returns respect to me and calls me DAD. He is also in the military.
    I have never had communication with their mother since she left me and her new husband went to jail for child abuse and the courts treat me as though I was this man. I believe he abuse my daughter who denies me and says she does not know me. strange thing though, she has not made any effort to know me either. My children are 23, 29, 30 and I have seven grand children and have only met one of them. What can the system do to help me out.

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