Safety Bed Rails for Children

A bed rail is a safety item which helps your young toddler transition from a crib to a bed. Before you buy a safety rail for child’s bed which is good for the room, do some research and see the products in the market. The first detail that you should pay attention on is the size. If you buy the right size, the rail would fit the bed exactly.

Getting the Right Child Bed Rail

  • Bed Rails are usually made light -weight but sturdy. They are made out of plastic or metal depending the brand. Some have a softer surface with canvas and mesh and others have vertical rails.
  • The mesh variety may be safer with a very young child who is one or two years of age. With vertical bars, you need to make sure that a young child cannot get his head stuck between the rails which can cause injury and even death.
  • However if you are getting the bed rail for a child 3 years of age or older, you may want to consider one    without mesh.  An older child can easily poke pens and crayons in the mesh and rip it. At least that was this  writer’s experience!
  • You may want to look for one that can fold flat and has a handle for carrying. They are handy to have while traveling. It makes sleeping in a hotel bed a lot safer for your child and give him a sense of security in a strange place.
  • Bed Rails are easy to install. You can get single sided ones or double sided ones for beds which are not alongside a wall.
  • They should lock securely into place and can be used on beds with box springs, convertible cribs, and  futon beds.
  • Some varieties will fold down which makes changing sheets or access to your child in bed easier.
  • Portable bed rails should never be used with bunk beds. If you purchase bunk beds make sure that the frame is sturdy and is complete with permanent  railing on both sides of the bunk.


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