Stages of Your Baby’s Development

Your baby grows at an amazing rate. One of the greatest feelings a parent can have is the joy of observing the many stages of your child’s development: seeing your baby smile for the first time, hearing that first precious giggle, catching your child rolling over for the first time, and then being there when she takes those first baby steps.


1 month

In the first week, she will be able to see up to 12 inches in front of their face. After a month, this distance increases to 3 feet. She is able to recognize smells: the smell of their parents and the smell of their breast milk or formula.. At the end of the first month, she will be able to recognize the voice of the people who love them like her parents. She will start moving her head as well.

1-3 months

After the first month, you can start to enjoy your baby. She is now able to respond to some sounds and begins to raise her head. Also, you will begin to see her push herself up and is growing stronger by the minute as she works out her muscles!

3-6 months

Your baby will continue to work those muscles. It is during these months, when you may spot your baby rolling over in her crib, reaching after a toy and making it move, and making herself move either by scooting or crawling or both!  Your baby is growing so rapidly. When she reaches her fourth month her weight has probably doubled since her birth!

6-9 months

During this period of time, your baby’s physical activity will  increase enormously and just literally take off!  She will start to pull up and stand. You may even notice how much more muscular she is getting. She will be able to sit up without propping if she hasn’t started to do that already. She will imitate talking by babbling and work out those vocal cords.

9-12 months

During this time, you may see your daughter cruising around a room: pulling herself up to a standing position and making her way by standing, grabbing on to objects like chairs and moving around.  Your baby may utter her first words. In these months they start to pick up some objects as well. She will begin to communicate with you more and will begin to be able to roll a ball and grasp smaller objects. Your baby may begin to walk around 12 months. Some babies start walking earlier than 12 months and some will start later. It definitely varies from child to child.

12-18 months

It is toddler period in which your child tries to move independently. They would be recognizing the words, sounds and actions. She will be able to say mama and start to put a four piece puzzle together.

18-24 months

In this period they start to improve their vocabulary.  She will be able to put two and three word sentences together. This is a good time to begin toilet training. She can eat from a fork and spoon by herself, and she can brush her own teeth. She will need to sleep less frequently and begin to only need one nap per day.

2-3 years

This is the period that they start to get new abilities. Her vocabulary will expand to 1000 words!  Her gross motor skills will improve, and she will be able to climb, jump, and run.  She also will  begin to point and start naming some objects.

It is amazing to witness the growth of your child. Take lots of pictures and videos, since these stages fly by so fast. You will want to look back and remember each one of them!

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