The Preschool Stage

During the ages of 21/2 -5 years of age a child will become more social and be able to perform more physical and mental tasks. The preschooler is very motivated to explore with his senses. They learn not only by looking at something, but by tasting, smelling, and feeling: the splash of the cool water, the rough scratchy side of a piece of sandpaper, the taste of salt, and the sound the glockenspiel makes when he hits it. At this stage in life, your child will strive to be independent in many tasks such as pouring a glass of juice, putting on his clothes, and making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Physical Skills Development

  • During this stage, children will become more adept at running, climbing, and jumping. They will practice              balancing on curbs and be able to walk backwards, and hop on one foot.
  • They are explorers of the world around them and enjoy being in nature.
  • Their fine motor skills increase too. They are able to pick small goods from the floor. They could also    hold pencil and start writing and coloring. They will begin to use scissors.
  • By age five, they will be able to play group sports such as soccer or kickball.
  • They become familiar with common shapes and common colors as well.
  • They can recognize the numbers and the alphabet. They will be able to sing the alphabet and learn the                sounds for each letter and will be able to count to at least 10.

Mental Skills Development

  • They become interested in designs and playing puzzles.
  • They can draw shapes and forms.
  • They tend to show their interests in animals, nature.
  • They are fascinated in finding out how things work.

Social Skills Development

  • In this period they learn how to share and take turns.
  • They also become interested in group games.
  • They enjoy literature and music
  • They enjoy dancing and moving their bodies to music.

In this period, your child realizes the spectacular world out there. They try to join that world. For them it is a brand new world and they are the discoverers. As parents, we want to catch that same sense of awe and wonderment that they have, because the world is a truly beautiful and amazing place. Enjoy exploring your surroundings with your child, and with your encouragement and love, your child’s love for learning will hopefully never go away!!

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