How Can I Stop My Child from Having Motion Sickness?

This sickness appears when the motional sensitive parts of the body send brain signals to the ears and eyes. For example, when children go in the car, they see that the buildings are moving; however, but their inner ear sends signs that tell them that he/she is still sitting. These different messages cause some complications in the brain, making it a really unpleasant trip. The best thing is to stop the trip, but that is impossible most of the time. This is especially true when you are having an air trip or sea trip. Instead of preventing the trip, you could try to prevent the sickness.


  • First, you need to encourage your child when you are on a trip. If you are in a car, tell your child to look at the front, not the sides. Best choice is to make him/her sit in the middle of the back seat.
  • Be quiet. Children need to relax in airplanes or in a boat. So, let them get some rest.
  • Get him/her some light snacks like biscuits. If they eat small amount of food, it is the best for them. Because, hunger could be the reason contributing to the feeling of nausea.
  • Try to distract your child by making him/her listen to music or radio. Try to make him/her talk or sing.
  • You can cover the window to stop your child from seeing the moving items out of the window.
  • You can put a cool fabric or cloth to his/her forehead. And, tell him/her to close his/her eyes and lie down.
  • You can get some medicines that could stop motion sickness. In order to do so, talk to your pediatrician and learn more about the most helpful medicines.

If you take these precautions,, you can prevent the motion sickness in your children.  Now you know how to help your child if they experience motion sickness.

Have a Nice Trip!

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