How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Today’s children are the most overweight generation in the history. Genetics, lifestyle and physical inactivity are all contributing factors to this phenomenon. Type 2 Diabetes, asthma and hypertension are on the rise in children because of obesity. Parents can play a role in preventing obesity.

Parents can educate children about healthy eating and exercising. Education does not only mean to talk about these subjects but also to set an example by making good choices in a healthy lifestyle. If you tell your child that healthy eating is important but you fill your fridge with sodas, chips and other kind of junk food, your child will not take you seriously.

You can prevent obesity by changing your family’s eating and activity habits. You can start with what you fill your trolley with, what you cook, how you cook and controlling your children’s portion sizes. You can also plan activities to see that your family is more physically active.

Here are some tips to help:

  • Turn the television off and go outside.
  • Play together or go for a walk. It would give you a chance to have quality time with your child as well.
  • Arrange some events for your children like football, basketball or any other activities which could increase their activity levels.
  • Keep fast food consumption to a minimum, even if all the other children are having it all the time. Rather stock up on fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grain products.

Enjoy the increased energy that your healthy life will bring!

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