Parenting A Disabled Child

Being the parent of a disabled child can be very challenging. Having a disabled child implies that parents face different and new responsibilities. Parents will need extra professional help and support to lower the emotional and physical pressure on them. It is important to get help and support from government agencies and other organizations and foundations.

Some may wonder whose responsibility it is to raise a disabled child. Is it the parent’s responsibility or the government’s? In most cases the parents take on most of the responsibility with the government’s support in forms of grants and health care aid. If for some reason, the government is not able to help parents, they can look for additional support from non-government organizations and foundations.

It can be very challenging to take care of a disabled child from day to day. Try to view the world from your child’s perspective. Never communicate in word or deed that you are tired of taking care of him. Remember he is able to experience the full range of emotions that you are experiencing.

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