Common Bad Habits in Children

Every child goes through phases where he has some bad habits that parents find annoying. These habits could differ from child to child. There are some specific habits which almost every child has. These bad habits are just behavioral problems and they are not serious medical or mental problems. Mostly, your child will stop doing it with the right encouragement. You should tell your child what you view as socially appropriate behavior and what not. Try to substitute the bad habits with more acceptable ones. It will take some time and patience, but sooner or later your child will learn that his bad habit is offensive to other people.

What are some bad habits that children engage in?

Teeth Grinding:

Some children fall into a habit of grinding their teeth while awake or during their sleep. If it continues into childhood it can cause dental problems. Discourage children who grind their teeth during day time. A dentist can make a mouth guard to stop teeth grinding at night.

Nose Picking:

This is one of the most common bad habits in children and adults too. Sometimes nose picking starts when a child has a cold and does not blow his nose frequently enough. Excessive nose picking can cause nose bleeds and infections in the nose. Discourage nose picking by handing your child a tissue or handkerchief to blow his nose with.

Hiding Goods:

Some children have the habit of hiding toys and objects and forgetting where they put it. If they hid their toys, don’t simply buy new ones, tell them to find the old ones if they want toys to play with.

Finger Sucking:

Some children like sucking their fingers as a measure of comfort. The thumb is the finger that is most likely to be sucked. In babies and early toddlerhood it is acceptable behavior, but it if it continues too long it can lead to dental disorders. Discourage thumb sucking by providing a pacifier for babies and toddlers.

Nail Biting:

Some children bite their nails as a nervous habit. It may indicate that a child is under stress or is not coping well. Nail biting can lead to infections as a child chews on nails infected with germs. Look carefully at a child’s life to see if he is under pressure and help him to relieve it. You can also try to put a commercially available foul tasting herbal remedy on his fingernails to prevent him from chewing his nails.

Throwing Objects:

Toddlers go through a phase where they like to experiment with gravity by throwing toys and other objects. It can be very annoying for parents and siblings. Discourage toy throwing by explaining that it can break the toys and that you won’t be buying new toys if the toys are broken. Also make sure that your child has a ball and lots of opportunity to play outside with the ball with you.

These bad habits don’t indicate any abnormality in your child. He is only going through normal developmental phases and will grow out of it with your encouragement. Teach him what is socially acceptable and help him to act in a way that is pleasing to other people too.

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