Relaxation Techniques for Children

We are not the only ones who have busy days; children’s days can also be action-packed and exhausting. Early mornings, homework, tests, full school days and extracurricular activities often leave children wound up and overtired by bedtime. There can be times when they feel as if they are drowning and overwhelmed. If you recognize that your child may need a break, try some relaxation techniques.

Sleeping Starfish

Tell your child to lie down on his or her bed and relax his or her legs and arms. Instruct the child to imagine that they are a sleeping starfish, lying on the bottom of the sea. In order for the starfish to sleep peacefully while going unnoticed by predators, they need to breathe in and out slowly while relaxing their head.

Bubble Breaths

Tell your child to imagine blowing bubbles that are filling the room with peace and happiness. The first step is to either sit cross-legged or lie on his or her back. Instruct the child to take a deep breath and then exhale to blow up the bubbles. The next step is to imagine that the bubbles are full of peace and as soon as the bubbles are popped, all the peace comes down onto the child.

Squeeze and Relax

For this technique, you need to tell your child to take a deep breath while squeezing every muscle in his or her body. Next, the child should relax for a few moments before repeating two or three times.

Elastic Band

Tell your child to close his or her eyes and imagine that their body is elastic, like a rubber band. Explain that a rubber band is floppy and loose, so they should feel floppy and loose as well. This first step helps them calm down. Next, instruct your child to pretend that somebody is pulling their feet slowly while another person is tugging at their head, making their body grow longer and longer. Their muscles should be relaxed while they enjoy this fun stretch.

Big Balloon

Tell your child to close his or her eyes and imagine holding a big balloon. The balloon is very light and is also their favorite color. With closed eyes, the child should imagine rising into the sky while holding onto the bottom of the balloon while breathing slowly, taking deep breaths. Tell your child to enjoy the feeling of flying and being totally free.

These basic relaxation techniques for children can be very helpful. Whenever you feel that your child needs to relax, help them try these exercises. Make it fun and try doing them together as a little treat for yourself as well.

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