Parent Involvement in School

To the detriment or to the benefit of our children’s schools, our parenting skills are displayed by our children’s behavior outside of the home. For example, if a child’s parents fail to help with homework and downplay the importance of schoolwork, the child will most likely model the same behavior. Studies have shown that parental involvement in school is imperative.

When the parents learn that they need to be more active in their children’s schoolwork, the first reaction is more about feeling guilty. There is no need to feel guilty, however, as long as you have a quick discussion with your child’s teacher as to how you can become more involved. You do not have to donate much of your time even. According to some experts, your home is the best place where you can support your child’s educational development. Many parents are pressed for time between working and extracurricular activities. Simply sitting down with your child for dinner and having a conversation about their day can help. The child may admit that there is something they are struggling with in school, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to offer your advice and show your support.

You can also have a quick conversation with your child’s teacher to see what specifically the child is struggling with and if there are any ways you can help. Take this step even if everything seems normal. If your child is excelling, see if there are ways you can encourage them to excel even more. Some children enjoy a challenge, even faltering if they are not challenged enough. Also, it should not take a problem to trigger an interest in your child’s schoolwork: show your involvement before a problem has the chance to arise by encouraging an active interest in school.

Every parent wants to know and learn more about their child. Pay attention to the friends they keep and the activities they enjoy. Also, talk to your child’s teachers! Teachers spend more time with children than their parents do during the school year. That is why it is important to learn about your child’s teacher’s observations so that you can maintain a healthy relationship with your child as well as show your support in their schoolwork.

You have the chance to model the type of behavior you expect of your child. Showing interest in their schoolwork can create a lifetime love of learning – an important trait even for adults.

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