Growth Spurts and Their Signs in Babies

Would you like to know what the signs are of growth spurts in babies? Would you like to know when they occur and what to do? Then read this article to find the answers to your questions.

The biggest sign of a growth spurt in babies is demanding more food. It might seem unfair, but it is a fact. You breastfeed your baby, but suddenly, it becomes unsatisfactory, and your baby starts to eat each hour. Even though your baby is full, he/she will act as if he/she could have more. You might wonder if you are feeding your baby enough. Don’t worry; you did a good job. He is not starving even if he is acting like it.

According to the doctors, it could occur shortly after birth. The first spurt could happen between the first and third week. The second one could occur between the sixth and eighth weeks. Then, you can expect your baby’s spurt to happen in the third, sixth and ninth months. It is possible for your little baby not to read this part properly and have a spurt more often than that.

You need to remember that one of the most important signs of a spurt is growth. Your baby could triple her weight when she has completes her first year. But you do not need to be scared. It will not last forever. After some time your life and your baby’s growing will get back to a normal pace.

Signs of growth spurts:

  • Your baby will eat continuously.
  • His/her sleeping habits will change.
  • He/she could be crankier than normal.

So, what can you do to deal with it?

Not enough sleep can really affect your mood. It might be very exhausting as well. Having a newborn requires breastfeeding 24/7. But do not quit it because it is the healthiest way for your baby. If your baby is old enough, you can try solid foods.

Drink plenty of water each day. Get enough rest every day. You can also ask for help from your partner, friends, or any family member.

While your baby is putting on some weight, you may need to change his/her diapers five times in day. Don’t worry; this is normal.

Do not consider it as a problem. It is actually considered a development milestone. It happens for a short time and goes away. It is something temporary that you can handle easily.

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