General Overview of Parenting Skills

An Overview

A few years and generations ago, our family learned parenting skills from their family. Even if they did not live in the same house, they lived in the same area within small distances. The older ones were always able to teach what they knew. But today’s parents are not that lucky. It is very common to have family in another state.

Since the last century, parents have had to discover new ways to parent their children. They search on the Internet, they read books and magazines, and they get advice from family members or friends who have been there.

Parenting Skills – Discipline

This is probably the most important parenting skill. Parents need to know what kinds of techniques they need to apply and when they need to apply them. There is a huge difference between disciplining a ten–year-old and a two-year-old. The most important step of the discipline of the child is deciding who is in charge. At first it may sound very easy. But it is not always that clear.

There is also one barrier that could stop them from disciplining their child properly: the fear of hurting the child.

Parenting Skills – Education

Since the moment that they are born, they learn whatever they know from their parents. They learn that when they cry, we reply. If they hit us, we react. Besides these actions, they learn ABCs and how to walk, how to talk, and how to get dressed.

They also learn about material and spiritual values from their parents. They learn about family traditions. Before they start school they learn so much from their parents. And they learn other information from school. But it does not mean the parents’ duty is over. They still have much to do. They need to be very careful about their child’s education. They need to choose a right school, etc.

There are so many factors involved when it comes to education:

  • Financial situation of the family
  • Quality of the schools
  • Level of the parents’ education
  • Personalities of the parents and the child

Parenting Skills – Finance

Parents need to know that having a baby is costly. When they are born, they need to buy many personal care products, like diapers, lotions, creams, etc. When they grow up, they need different things . When they start school, they need books, notebooks, pencils, etc. The spending never stops.

Being a parent is not an easy task. You need to think about everything and need to improve your parenting skills.

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