Ways to Stimulate Infants’ Cognitive Development

Infant cognitive development requires parents to think in the ways that baby thinks. They need to speak in his/her language and need to know his/her way of communication. There are some activities which provide cognitive development, including learning how to talk, recognizing voices and faces, and interacting with toys. Children need to be supported to develop cognitively (mentally). These activities, when practiced regularly, provide this cognitive development.

Here are the tips that you can follow.

  • Make your infant sit opposite you, remove all the distractions, and try to get him/her to focus on what you do and say.
  • Get a book and show your baby the pictures. Read the story and try to describe the differences between pictures by mentioning the key points. Repeat these names and terms a few times. Be energetic and speak clearly. If there is any object or page which gets your baby’s attention, focus on it.
  • Play a CD. Join the song. Clap and use your body language. Take your baby’s hand and make him/her clap. You can repeat it a few times. You can also try another one. Babies show more reactions to a song that they love.
  • Put the toys in front of your baby and give him/her some time to play with them. Try to explain the color and size or any differences between the toys. Show him/her how to hold a toy. When he/she does it well, clap.
  • You can also try peek-a-boo. Get a bandana or a piece of cloth and show your face. Stay silent for some time and remove the cloth and say peek-a-boo. You can repeat it for a few times. Always smile when you remove the bandana. Then your child will be able to know that it is a funny game.


  • Do not push your child to do these activities. If you cannot see any progress, it could mean that your child is not enjoying it or he/she is not ready to do it.
  • Babies love familiar things. So you can play the same songs often. Do not hesitate to read the stories that you have already read.

Baby’s development is very important. When we are talking about cognitive development in infants, you need to be extra careful. After you do the right things, you will enjoy the results.

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