Everything That You Would Like To Know About Tantrums In Toddlers

Biting, hitting and screaming! If you do not know about tantrums in toddlers, you might have heard about them. They are normal reactions that happen in the development of children. However you can help your child to handle these times and reduce the number of tantrums.

Tantrums are normal stages of development and they occur as a reaction of strong emotions. In many children, tantrums occur before their first birthday, sometimes more earlier like 9 months.

When your child has strong emotions, they would have tantrums but they don’t know how to tell you or how to handle it. Some parents say from their experience that children (toddlers) have tantrums because they want to be more independent: they want to eat and dress by themselves. Thus, as a parent when you set up limits or boundaries, they can become very frustrated and so resort to temper tantrums

How to Avoid Tantrums in Toddlers?

  • Arrange regular times to talk and play with your toddler
  • Set clear rules
  • Treat them with respect

Some doctors say that good communication is the first step of avoiding tantrums. Here are some general steps that you can follow to avoid tantrums

Step 1:

Set up clear limits for behavior. They want to be free but this freedom needs to be guided.

Step 2:

Since tantrums come from strong emotions, treat your child with respect and try to understand them.

The following list gives you some information about the triggers of tantrum.

  • Being uncomfortable physically like hunger, having pain or tiredness.
  • Having strong emotions like fear, stress
  • Attention seeking

Some of these triggers are very easy to handle. If your child is hungry, the solution is feeding them. Some of them need more work to be handled like strong emotions.

What to Do When Children Have Tantrums?

  • Ignore the behavior and don’t make eye contact
  • Remove the child from the environment if it is necessary
  • During the tantrum, do not supply his/her demands
  • Redirect his/her attention


There might be times that you feel very tired. At these times, remember that parenting is a process which you and your toddler could learn something from.

At times it may be difficult to deal with tantrums in toddlers but remember that this period does comes to an end and there will be so many days that you would be a perfect parent with a happy child.

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