Dealing With Disrespectful Children

In the past, children were brought up to be respectful to their parents, relatives and friends. But, today some children are disrespectful and do not show respect in every aspect of their lives. These children are very difficult to handle and sometimes parents need to implement different strategies in order to help their children.

Find the source of the problem

This is most probably the hardest part as their behavior can be a result of many different reasons. It could be their friends, they may feel depressed or it could be a result of how you treat them. You also need to examine your behavior as well.

Communicate with your child

If you are able to identify the source, go through it and work on it. Try to set time aside to talk to them on a regular basis. Often it works better if the mother talks to the daughter and the father talks to the son, as it may be something they feel uncomfortable talking about to the opposite sex. Communicating goes a long way in resolving problems.

Work on the problem.

If you cannot find the source, work on the problem in the best way you know how. If your child is speaking to you disrespectfully, explain that you do not like the way they are speaking to you. You need to be firm and say ‘Don’t talk to me like that, it is not respectful’ or you can say ‘I expect you to say that you are sorry’ You must try not to become emotional, as this will lead to confrontation and you will end up saying things in the heat of the moment.

Consider the friend factor

When they are in public, especially when they are with their friends, they want to be cool and act like that. You can see your child is behaving differently when they are with their friends. There are some parents who don’t want to embarrass their children in front of their friends, but you shouldn’t. Whenever your children say something disrespectfully, you need to verbalize that you are not okay with their behavior.

Handle the arguments

Children love to argue with their parents and it is how you handle the arguments that will make the difference. Do not become emotional or shout. Hear what your child has to say, and then be firm in your answer. If you tell them to do something and they reply ‘It is not fair’, do not respond with ‘life is not fair’. That would be a depressing answer, rather be firm in telling them why they must do something.

Don’t hit them

Hitting can cause more distance between you and your child. Even if they hit you, don’t hit them back. Rather  make them sit down and tell your child not to hit you again. You need to explain why they cannot hit you, and if they do it again what the punishment will be.

Find out if your child is also acting disrespectful to others

You need to find out if your children are being disrespectful to their teachers and staff.

It is very sad for any parent to have a disrespectful child, however by implementing the right methods and dealing with their behavior is not difficult, it just requires consistency on your part.

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