Raising a Spirited Child

Raising spirited children could be fun and tiring at the same time. They are full of endless questions and their energy is like the speed of a racing car. They could be tiring, restless, entertaining and impatient. With all of these qualities you may have a lot of questions about raising such a spirited child. The answer is in this article.

  • Get some available and interesting activities for your child. Books, toys and music that your child enjoys could keep him/her busy and allow him/her to have fun. However, make sure that the toys are not too advanced for your child.
  • Be patient when you are dealing with your child. This way, your anger will not feed his or her tantrum.
  • Discover some ways to make him/her use the most of their energy. You can take them dancing, swimming, or to play soccer. If he/she is not able to follow organized activities, take your child hiking, walking and riding so that they can play at their rate.
  • Get your child used to some kind of warning system that says it is time to move onto a new activity. This will reduce the tantrums.
  • Keep your child away from the situations that make him or her more energetic. For example, if your child is invited to an event, learn what that event includes.
  • Try to see the benefits of being spirited and try to turn them into positives. For instance, you can make your child use his/her energy to learn something or complete household chores.
  • Find ways to get some rest and relaxation. Staying calm and being healthy physically and emotionally would provide you with more energy to keep up with your child.

As we mentioned before, it could exhausting for you. If you know how to handle a spirited child, you can turn this situation into a positive one and some of those difficulties will no longer be an issue.

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