Constipation in Newborn Babies

A newborn baby has his/her bowel movement in the first day after the birth. After they start breast or bottle feeding, it is also common for babies to have infrequent bowel movement and parents worry that their baby suffers from constipation.

Constipation in newborn babies is very common in fact. And, in general it is a result of changing feeding habits like turning from breastfeeding to formula. Home remedies are very effective to solve the problems. If it is a persistent problem, your pediatrician could solve the problem with natural methods.

Constipation in Newborn Babies

Signs of Constipation in Newborns

If your baby seems to have to put a lot of effort into having a bowel movement or tends to cry while doing so, these signs may indicate constipation. Although, babies have the most difficulties passing stools which are hard and dry.

Home Treatment for Constipation

More frequent yet smaller feedings may help. Also, you can give him/her a bottle of water to lessen the likelihood of dehydration which contributes to constipation. You can also give your baby a tummy massage to make him/her relax. Keeping the stomach warm with a piece of fabric could be an option too. You can also lay your baby on his or her back and raise their knees to their chest during the bowel movement.

Professional Treatment

If you talk to your pediatrician, he/she might recommend using glycerin laxatives or flax oil for constipation. But, never use any medicine without checking it with your pediatrician.

Formula fed babies are less likely to become constipated because of the iron that is found in formula. Researchers say that iron is extremely important for babies’ development and it must not be decreased.

Switching back and forth from formula to breast milk tends to cause constipation in newborns. That is why you need to give your baby some time to get used to the new feeding style.

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