Healthy Sleeping Habits for Children

Parents do their best to keep their children healthy. Making healthy eating a part of daily life is only one aspect of overall health for your child. Have you ever thought that good health could also come from sleeping habits? Having healthy sleeping habits is as important as healthy eating.

The following tips would help your child to sleep well and have proper sleeping habits.

Have a sleep schedule –

The time your child goes to sleep and the time they wake up each morning should stay consistent every day. It does not matter whether it is a school day or not. Having a fixed sleeping schedule is one step in instilling proper habits in your child.

Do exercise daily –

If your child becomes used to doing daily exercises, it would not only provide a strong base for a healthy lifestyle, but it would also improve his or her sleeping habits.

Don’t sleep hungry

Don’t let your child fall asleep when he or she is hungry. Allow them snacks and a glass of milk. You can also get your child a piece of fruit or cereal with milk as well. But, don’t feed your child heavy food 1-2 hours before bed-time.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks

Especially in the evenings, your child must avoid these kinds of drinks. Considering that these are the drinks which increase energy levels by affecting the nervous system, it could be a barrier to falling asleep easily.

Have some quiet time before bedtime

Let your child arrange some time to calm down with enjoyable and relaxing activities such as reading a book, listening to music or coloring. Watching TV, household chores and computer games must not be included in these activities.

The bedroom

Your child’s room should be quiet enough and dark enough in order for them to sleep properly. The temperature of the room is as important as any of the other details. Banishing your child to his or her bedroom as punishment sends mixed signals and should be avoided.

Having healthy sleeping habits is very important for your child’s routine and daily life. Once he/she has proper sleeping habits, the rest will come by itself.

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