Parent-Child Attachment

Parent-child attachment is a social relationship in which children and parents are unable to or find it difficult to leave one another.
During new beginnings, like joining a new school, some children might be anxious to have a new attachment with new people. A healthy attachment should include exploration. A child who starts a new task like going to a new school should explore the environment. And, there should be balance between attachment and exploration.

There are some difficulties in having a new attachment for sure. There could be some difficulties in both parts of the balance. And, some children could have more difficulties going out and exploring the new environment. And, some children could have more difficulties in being able to get back to their family for comfort.

There are some factors which could increase these difficulties in the parent-child attachment such as, long working hours, stress and depression. Some children could be affected by their parents’ stress. If there is any problem in the relationship between children and parents, there are some steps and services that parents could follow and benefit from. You can also talk to your pediatrician as well.

Each parent has different styles and techniques. We can easily see some parents encourage their child to be more independent just like we see very protective parents. It is another extreme and it has some consequences too. These children tend to think that they could do anything and therefore can get into trouble easily and they don’t seek help from their parents.

It is quite normal if you feel anxious to be in a new environment and you need to know that it is effective for every new parent-child attachment.

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