Caring for a Baby

We all know that parenting is a hard task. It is full of enjoyment but, it is tiring and hard at the same time. There are some specific situations which make it harder like having a baby. Especially, if you are a new parent, caring for a baby may be difficult for you.

Holding your little one, feeding him/her, taking care of his/her safety issues would be a very tough task for you to handle. There are some extra issues that depend on the age of baby of course. You don’t need to take any physical safety prevention if you have an infant that is unable to crawl or get around on their own.

The first thing that you would think very carefully would be the health of baby just like other parents do. The most important thing for the babies is nutrition. That is why, breastfeeding, at least for the first six months, is recommended. Mother’s milk has all the nutrients that your baby needs to grow and develop healthfully. You don’t even need to give your baby water if you breastfeed him/her. Those are very important times for your baby’s feeding. Whenever he/she feels hungry, you need to feed him/her. Especially if you have a newborn, you might need to feed him/her in every two hours.

Newborns have weak muscles and hence anytime that you hold your newborn, you need to support his/her neck.. Don’t allow everyone to hold your baby. If the person does not know how to hold and support a newborn, you would have a big problem.

Babies could also get infections easily because their immune system is not developed enough. You need to wash his/her clothes with hot water and whenever possible, iron all the clothes to destroy all the bacterium and microbes. Anytime you change your baby’s diaper, wash your baby as well and always use clean diapers. Otherwise, your baby would have skin disorders.

Newborns have very sensitive skin so you cannot use some soaps and lotions.

Also, don’t give him/her bath if his/her navel is not healed yet. Till the navel is healed, you can clean your baby with a soft sponge. Also, you need to use a special bath tub which supports your baby’s neck. You can use mild soaps to wash your baby and also be careful that the water does not reach his/her ears during the bathing.

Infants and newborns sleep for hours continuously. You don’t need to worry because it is very normal. Just make sure that your baby sleeps on his/her back and don’t wake him/her up if it is not necessary.


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