Creating a Co-Parenting Plan

It may look easy in the beginning to work with your ex partner to make decisions about your child. However, the same issues that may have led to your separation may come up in trying to make decisions.

That is where a co-parenting plan comes in.

It is basically an agreement between divorced or separated parents that outlines the shared responsibilities they have for raising their children.

The ‘co’ in co-parenting really stands for a co-operative or collaborative approach to raising children. It can include decisions about education as well as personal, mental and physical development. It clarifies for both parents just how they will be involved in their children’s lives.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Work with an attorney who could help you settle custody. There are many different ways to settle custody. Make sure the plan works for everyone including your child. Document all the details of exactly how the plan will work and what will be covered.
  • Build in flexibility to account for changes in day to day life.

A co-parenting plan should include a very clear schedule. This way you can minimize calls back and forth to your ex.

Consider attending a co-parenting class. Especially if you think you could improve your communication skills. This will benefit everyone.

Finalize your plan and file it with the court in your area. Once it is ratified by court, you can be treated in contempt if you don’t follow the plan.

Having a co-parenting plan can reduce conflict and help both parents understand their role with their child.

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