Parenting Solutions that Help Children Listen

“Why are you not listening to me?” “This is the third time I told you!” “Did you hear anything that I said?”

If these questions are heard frequently in the household, then perhaps the children in the house have a listening problem. Here are some parenting tips that might help bring listening ears to the house.

First, get a child’s attention, then speak

Whether it is a job to do or to reprimand, the first thing to do is get their attention, then talk. Eye contact between parent and child is crucial. Until eye contact is established it is difficult to know whether a child is listening.

Keep voice low. .

Just as adults do not like being yelled at, children grow tired of it just as quickly. Learn to keep a calm and quiet voice.

Keep the talk short and limit the words.

Young children have short attention spans and do not need “fluffy” talks. Keep the talks short and to the point. The older a child, the more detail they can handle at one time. Sometimes, even one word will work like ‘Homework!’ or ‘Bed!’. They point exactly to the topic and there is no wasted breath.

Be active.

Sometimes, being active is more necessary than talking. If a child does not go where required, taking the child there may become unavoidable..

Don’t say it twice.

Once a request has been made, a child should learn that it is the first and the last time that the request will be made. Parents may have difficulties in the beginning, but consistency is the key.

These are some ways to help a child learn to listen. Always keep in mind that whatever works use it consistently.

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