Effective Ways to Build Parent-Child Communication

Many parents have difficulties in communicating with their children, which could cause some issues in the family. Below are some easy strategies to follow.

Get Down to the Child’s Level

When talking to children, it is best to get down on eye level with them. This gives them a sense being able to be open with an adult.   To show a child respect, do not expect them to work on an adult level. Keep in mind they are children.

Talk Clearly and Directly

Be clear and specific. According to the experts, children need to know what the rules are and what the consequences for breaking those rules are. It goes beyond rules. Being clear and specific in instructions will also keep stess levels down. For example, ‘Make your bed and pick up the toys’ is always better than ‘Clean your room’.


Without listening, there is no hearing.  Without hearing, there is no understanding and  without understanding there can be no reply. Listen first, then watch children learn to listen too.

Raising a child is very difficult for sure and parent-child communication is one of the biggest problems faced in raising a child, but following these few guidelines will help in any situation.

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