Sign Language for Babies

It is very difficult to communicate with a baby who is not old enough to speak. This article tells about the benefit of using sign language for babies to help a parent communicate better with baby.

Baby sign language has become very popular today. There are several versions and styles for baby sign language, but, they all have one thing in common: they can all provide a way for parents to communicate with their babies even when the babies are not able to talk. Babies can handle it because they are able to control some of their hand movements.

Non-verbal communication is very important for the early development of the child. It gives them a chance to practice “telling” their needs and gives them some level of control in their environment. It also provides an alternative to crying or shouting. It gratefully provides less stress for the parents.

Non-verbal signing is very good for parents to understand what is happening in their babies’ mind. Most of the children start using signs when they are seven or eight months old. By the time they are one year old babies may have a vocabulary which includes fifty words..

Teaching sign language is easy. Decide what sign will be used for various objects and repeat, repeat, repeat. Keep using the same sign anytime the word is spoken. Then, the child will learn that it is a normal way to communicate. Specific signs are not necessary; use whatever sign is easiest to learn and use. For example, puckering the lips for milk could be one of them.
Once baby starts using signs and learns more words, it will be easier to communicate. Begin pointing to the different parts of the body or objects outside when talking about them. The baby can make up his/her own signs as age and abilities allow. .

Non-verbal communication using baby sign language could help develop a child’s language skills. Use it for sanity and enjoyment.

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