Benefits of Reading Books to Baby

Baby Books

It is very well known that the first years are the perfect times for babies to learn many things. Parents need to use these times to support baby’s physical and mental development. One the best ways to do that is through reading.

Language development:

There is no doubt that reading is a perfect way to develop language skills. It is not only for babies, it is for adults as well. Teach basic sounds and shapes by reading. Reading also helps develop baby’s vocabulary.

Attention Span development:

While reading to baby, he/she would be listening. Use different voices for the different characters in a book. It will help get baby’s attention and teaches baby to pay attention to things.

Informational development:

Babies can not follow the words of a book. They learn by images and colors. While reading, be sure to point out pictures in the stories. This will help give words to pictures.

Cognitive (Intellectual) development:

Reading books will help a child learn about the world around him/her. It gives pictures to words and words gain contextual meaning.

Tips to make reading time great!

  • While reading to baby, sit baby close enough to see the pictures.
  • Since they have short attention span, read in short bursts throughout the day.
  • Choose books which have simple and clear images and words.
  • Whenever going out, take a favorite book of baby’s.

As a final note: read, read, read!

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