Foster Parenting

Foster care is a program which is run by the states. It provides care for children who are taken away from their biological home. There are many reasons why children are taken away from their biological home such as abuse and neglect. The purpose of foster care is for the children to be reunited with their parents. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

There are steps to becoming a foster parent. Every state has its own program to complete.

The following part describes the requirements:

  • Background check and finger print
  • Home-study to prove a child can live there safely
  • Classroom hours
  • First aid certification
  • Medical clearances for the parents
  • Statement that punishment would not be used

Once completing all the requirements, a copy of a license may be issued. Someone from the state office agency will be in contact to tell if the home is approved.

After receiving the license, phone calls could begin coming in, depending on the age group that you choose. In fact, calls may be received before getting the license.
Foster parenting is a great way to help the children who need a safe place to stay. Consider this “job” for a chance to change a child’s life.

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