Baby Websites

New parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to

Baby websites

Which are a source of innumerable tips and advice , not just for new parents but for all parents and even grandparents who may need a “refresher” course .  Sure, it may be very helpful to go through some books and magazines but

baby websites

usually cover nearly everything you can think of asking.

The Bump

Clearly covers pregnancy because it covers topics like physiological changes. It is more relevant to the mothers. However, fathers will also find this website useful to help them understand what their wives are going through.


: While listed under “pregnancy websites” this site offers much information about taking care of the baby.


: Just like the magazine bearing the same title, it carries many articles on parenting especially about how to be an effective parent.

What to Expect

Linked to the book entitled “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” this website keeps tradition alive and covers diverse topics..

What to name Junior? Check out these sites:

United States Social Security

This site shows updated statistics about baby names. You can probably decide if you want to add another “Rocky” to the hundreds of thousands who were named after Rocky Balboa in the movies.


This is great! You just type in what you want and it even suggests others close to what you have in mind!

Name Voyager

:  Probably one of the coolest  Type a name and you get a graph  showing you other names  starting with the same letters. You can check the popularity of the names.

Baby Connect

This site keeps you on top of things. Changing times, feeding times and other details can be tracked with the help of this site..


: This site is very easy to use and you will be able to track milestones and data about your children.

These are but a few of the

baby websites where you will  be able to find whatever you want within minutes.

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