How to Make a Child Safety Kit

Do you have a Child safety kit? If not, learn how to make one right now! Children are like jell-o, They can slip out of sight, grasp and attention in a split second. They can get hurt or lost easily, sometimes even before parents  realize it. For this reason, a child safety kit is necessary..

You will need:

  • A container or lock box
  • Dental and medical records
  • List of medications including all medications he/she is allergic to
  • Sample of hair or fingerprint
  • Large envelopes
  •  Recent photo
  • First, talk to your child’s dentist and ask if you can get a copy of your child’s dental history. X-rays show if there is any cavity or not. As your child grows up and dental records keep changing, it is better for you to keep the latest ones.
  • Have a set of fingerprints of your child. Make sure that that set includes all fingerprints. .
  • You also need to have a good sample of your child’s hair to place in the child safety kit. It should be a few long strands.
  • If your child has an illness especially a chronic ailment, make a list of all the medications that he takes.
  • School health advisors or your doctor can advise you if your child needs a special diet. Work with your child’s school to make the necessary arrangements. Take note of any identifiable mark or scar on his/her body including piercings and tattoos.


Place all the information that you have collected into a box (locked if you prefer that). If there are x-rays you may wish to store the box in a cool dry place.

You can get more information about child safety kit.where all necessary information is available at a moment’s notice.

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