Ten Tips to Improve Parent-Child Communication

Parent-child communication is very important  to  foster healthy relationships between the members of the family. In some families, parents do not have any communication problems with their children but, others can face really serious communication problems. Learn how to correct this situation and if you already have a good relationship with your child, you can learn to make it better by following these parent-child communication tips.

Tip 1.)Show a genuine interest in your child and his activities.

If you do have or show any interest in your child’s life, he/she may think that it is pointless to talk with someone who is not interested in him/her.. Would you talk about your hobbies with someone who is not even interested?

Tip 2.)Pay genuine attention

Pay attention when your child talks. Good communication brings mutual understanding. If you want to understand what you child say, feels and thinks,, you need to listen and pay close attention to anything he/she says. If you do that, your child will readily come to you to “open up” to you..

Tip 3.)Respect your child’s privacy

Where your child has a problem or where discipline is necessary, it may be wiser to deal with this in private. Do not humiliate or embarrass your child by reprimanding him/her in public. The best

parent-child communication may happen when there is just you and your child. Encourage “dates” with your child on a regular basis so that he/she can pour out his/her heart without fear of condemnation.

Tip 4.)Never embarrass your child

Don’t embarrass your child. If you embarrass your child especially in front of others, it will hinder future open talks.

Tip 5.)Meet your child at his/her level.

Get down into his/her level. It helps, whenever you talk to your child, to get down on your knees or sit at the table so that you are at eye-level with your child and not “looking down “ from a position of authority. This fosters more open communication.

Tip 6.)Count To Ten

Stay calm. If you are angry, tell your child honestly “I am too angry to talk right now. We will discuss this in say 15 minutes” Avoid dealing with the situation if you feel you might not be able to control your anger. Never talk or discipline in anger for words and even actions may outweigh the seriousness and may wound the child’s heart.

Tip 7.) LISTEN!

You need to learn how to listen carefully, not just to the words but the heart. Listening attentively is the key to healthy communication. You can listen actively.  Repeat what the child has said to avoid misunderstanding.

Tip 8.)Consider the whole situation carefully before reacting.

Learn what is happening before reacting. This fosters good parent-child communication.

Tip 9.)Speak wisely

If you already know something which your child should have told you about, raise the subject calmly and rationally to open the way for your child to “confess” or to pour out his/her heart.

Tip 10.) Do not abuse your authority

If you say ‘Because, I say so’ or ‘I am the one who knows best for you’ it may lead to resentment and you close the door to open communication. Respect your child’s view (unless it is a non-negotiable subject like taking drugs. These kinds of words would make your child shut his/her mouth. He/she also needs to say something so you can listen.

These parent-child communication tips  will help you to build, or improve on, a healthy relationship with your child. You can be the best communicator ever for your child.c

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